Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Ornaments for the Hope Chest

This felted wool chile pepper ornament is a treasure that Abigail and I found in October at the Wool Festival in Taos, New Mexico. I just love the way the yarn pulls and twists; it looks just like a crooked chile pepper.

This is a beaded snowflake ornament that I made for Abigail last year.

This is the first ornament Abigail made for her hope chest collection. She used a chenille stem and alternating red and white triangular beads - very easy. We're always looking for fun handmade ornaments to make. Do you have any good suggestions or links to share?


  1. Small cross stitch ornaments are fun. They can be done on the cross stitch plastic and when finished you can back them in felt. They turn out great. You can also use the same technique with needlepoint. Any small pattern (tree, holly leaf, angel, etc) can be done pretty quickly. I have a small tree in my kitchen for Christmas and I have those little candy canes on them. You can get green tri-beads and form a wreath with a pipe cleaner, every 4 or 5 tri-beads you could use a red pony bead for a holly berry.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Donna. A wreath with the tri-beads would be easy to do and match the candy cane. Abigail is signed up for the cross-stitch project in 4-H this year and I'm sure an ornament would qualify for an exhibit at the fair. I should move on that suggestion! ;o)

  3. I think I remember reading that you're fond of Sculpey. =) I've made some fun ornaments with that: gingerbread men, teddy bears, snowmen, and hearts stamped with holiday words like 'joy', 'hope', 'believe', 'love', etc. =) Also, I've wrapped medium-gauge wire around cookie cutters to form a shape, then wrapped lighter-gauge wire around the wire shape along with beads to make things like stars & christmas trees. Tie on a golden thread loop or some pretty ribbon and you're done. Hope you can sort of imagine it. =)

  4. Cute Megan, I CAN imagine it. I am going to pull out some wire and beads today. I just saw a fun tutorial on making a Sculpey snowman and want to try that as well. Abby and I usually have a couple of days in December that we call "Christmas Workshop" days. We decorate and create together. I'm so glad for the suggestions.

  5. Here is the link for that fun snowman ornament --

  6. Have you looked at the Living Crafts magazine website? they have a lovely set of directions for 12 handmade ornaments...designed as a wedding gift. Sounds ideal for a Hope chest.

    1. Thanks for that suggestion, Gill!


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