Friday, December 3, 2010

Crocheted Bookmarks

Everyone who learns to crochet has to begin with the chain stitch. Finding simple, yet beautiful and useful projects for beginners can be a challenge. And if the beginner happens to be young, it also helps if the project is quickly finished! I helped Abigail begin to crochet with easy crocheted bookmarks. Almost everyone she knew got a bookmark as a gift. :o) The easiest bookmark is a simple chain, made just a little longer than the pages of an average sized book. Leave the tails dangling at both ends.

With just a bit more skill, Abigail learned how to add a tassel to each end. Pull three or four short lengths of yarn through each of the end stitches and tie them together near the top with the same color of yarn. I used the red yarn in the picture only as an example of where to put the tie. Trim the tassel evenly.

Using a smaller hook takes more skill, but a thinner yarn adds a bit more sophistication.

Adding buttons and beads gives the bookmarks some style, and at this point the only limit is imagination. These bookmarks would make a great gift for an older sister or a younger brother. Bookmarks also make great teacher gifts or party favors, or gifts for the reading club kids.

Being able to quickly complete an actual project gives a beginner confidence. They are more likely to progress to other stitches and continue in the craft. Anyone would be pleased to receive a bookmark, particularly one made especially for them.


  1. Thank you so much for that cute, simple idea. I have 35 neices and nephews and I am always trying to come up with gifts ideas that won't break the bank! This looks perfect!!

  2. Crocheting has always intimidated and frustrated me, but I actually think I could do this. Thanks.


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