Friday, June 10, 2011

A Lovely Magazine - a Link

Remembrance Press is the publisher of a beautiful magazine called The Girlhood Home Companion, as well as other resources designed to encourage both mothers and daughters. They are hosting a giveaway this month for a recent print issue of the magazine. Also, Linda Stubbs, has designed a redwork embroidery project to help publicize the giveaway.

I delight in all of Linda's designs and her blog, Prairie Flower Farm and am anxious to get to know her better in an audio interview with Jill Novak, the publisher of The Girlhood Home Companion. So, if you're interested, go here to see what the excitement is about.

I love the term companion; the idea of a loving partner, helper and friend. I want Miss Abigail to have worthy companions, who will encourage her and help her learn. This magazine could be useful to that end.


  1. I LOVE that magazine! It is just adorable - I have 2 print copies and have the CDs of the back issues. They are just so sweet. Fingers crossed that they start doing printed issues again.

    Have you seen King's Blooming Rose magazine? I also love that - each issue has a theme like prayer, femininity and trust.

  2. Jenny, I'm so glad to have your endorsement for the Girlhood Companion. I understand that another issue is in the works, so I'll cross my fingers too. And thanks also for recommending the King's Blooming Rose. I've just ordered a couple of back issues and am so glad to have an alternative to whatever is available on the supermarket magazine rack! I'm sure Abigail will enjoy these.

  3. I think there is a new print issue on the site now - The Secret Garden issue. So funny as I just posted a couple of quotes by Frances Hodgson Burnett on my blog!

    I loved KBR so much that I bought all the back issues! Much better than the celebrity focussed and image obsessed magazines.

  4. The computer just ate my comment! ARRGH! I didn't know you were from New Mexico! I hadn't caught that before when I left comments.

    This time I am going to leave a comment as Annonymous - but it is just me from Ribbons and Lace Cottage.

    Thanks for coming to visit. I need to spend some time really perusing your blog; it looks like you have some wonderful ideas.

    C. C.


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