Monday, July 25, 2011

Canning - Peaches, Tomatoes, Pickles

Miss Abigail and I are canning today. Last October we canned apples and this week we are canning everything else. But, I had to come out to the store to get more peaches. When we took the jars from the water bath, the sliced peaches were floating halfway to the top of the jar. I think Abigail was so careful to pack the peaches without bruising them that she didn't get enough fruit in the jar. I've always canned just for the family and never had to worry about making everything look perfect. Alas, we will have to do another batch. Abigail isn't sad about that. She thought it was wonderful fun to blanch and peel the fruit. We also did a batch of tomatoes this morning that were perfect. She's pretty good this! I'm glad that I will have such a good helper for canning.

Coming out to the store was really only an excuse to come to the library to look for pictures of my brand new grandson! Little Eric is our first grandchild and he is so beautiful. Born on July 21. I'm pretty excited to see him - soon, I hope.


  1. Congratulations on little Eric!!! We saw his picture on Carolyn's blog, and he looks just precious. I know you are anxious for them to roll into town so you can get your hands on him. Hugs to you and your dear little canner!!


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