Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Fun to Win Ribbons!

These last items are mine.


  1. Oh MY....the memories that were conjured up as I read this post!

    I will have to look at my ribbons from years ago the next time I visit my folks, who keep everything! My memories of making and baking for Fair Time is a very fond one.
    Thanks for sharing what you're doing this summer with Abigail.

    And, *congratulations Grammie*....isn't this the most wonderful job in all the world?

  2. Winning the ribbons just seems to add validity to our efforts. I love seeing all the ribbons! Y'all did an awesome job.

  3. How fun!! Tell Abby congrats for me! It is always so much fun... making everything, anticipating as you wait until the judging is over and you can go in and see, and seeing the blue ribbon that you won!! Abby did an amazing job!


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