Saturday, January 7, 2012

Knitted "Plarn" Dish Scrubbies - A Link

Miss Abigail and I bumped over the muddy ruts today for an important practice competition in anticipation of her robotic tournament at the end of the month. She has been on a team associated with First Lego League. Building and programming robots is sooooooo different from what she usually is involved in. The experience has been really good for her in a number of ways, but I digress. Robots are a long way from hope chests.

Although I didn't intend to post today, we did stop at the library to check on things. I follow the blog of a lovely young woman who is working on her hope chest. Hannah (These Little Hands) has a very interesting post describing how to knit dish scrubbies with "plarn." I didn't know there was a name for yarn made from the plastic grocery bags! Hannah's post was so interesting and her project is so practical. I know some of you will be interested to check it out. So here is the link. Say hello from me.

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  1. I read about plarn somewhere else (I want to say on Carolyn's blog..) and thought it was such a neat idea! I'm going to try making something out of it sometime.

    thanks for giving the links! I hope Abby had a great time doing robots!! :)


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