Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4-H Sewing

Miss Abigail is hard at work sewing for her 4-H Mix and Match project. She has a pair of denim capri-style pants finished now, but still has to sew the blouse. All of the garments, including the embellished clothing for her Creative Touches project, should be finished for the county Fashion Review contest, which takes place 10 days from today. I hope she makes that deadline. I don't know what it is about May. It seems like everyone tries to fit everything in before the end of school, so we've been really busy.

 Abigail likes to sew, I think ;o}, but I know she doesn't much like to pin and cut the pattern. I wonder if my attitude has somehow rubbed off. After many, many years of sewing, this step is the one I don't enjoy either.  I finally took the time to write out step-by-step directions, so that she can do this more independently. I printed the directions onto a folded card so that she can save it in her sewing basket.


  1. I'm sure it will be lovely! Our May was packed also. But our summer officially starts one week from today ~ Bible school will be over at church that night! Then just waiting for our grandbaby to make his world debut!

  2. What a wonderful project..I am sure it will turn out just right. Funny, I do not like pinning and cutting..none of my girls do, and neither does my mother. Isn't that something:)

  3. There is something so daunting about that first snip into a length of stuff. I would love to see what you wrote inside the folder! Good luck to Miss A with finishing all her projects.

  4. Such awesome ideas for Miss Abigail's hope chest! I'm sure all of its contents and the love that went into filling it will be treasured for always.
    I am a beginning sewer at the tender age of 50 :) and patterns tend to scare me , (smile). I too, would love to have a copy of your "Pinning and Cutting out a Pattern" card. Is it possible to share with us readers so that we may print it out?
    Thank you for sharing all of your lovely ideas.

    1. Sue, I'll try to make a document with a link for the pattern cutting card. I want to say right away, but it may take some time. I don't have the internet at home, so do everything from the public library. I hope you don't mind waiting. ;o)

    2. Hi Kathleeen, thank you! Looking forward to it!


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