Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cute Summertime Outfit

Miss Abigail has had a VERY busy summer this year. It has been all I can do to keep up with her and get her where she needs to be, with what she needs to have, prepared to say what she needs to say! Mostly it all has to do with 4-H, which is a fabulous program and I love, love, LOVE it! But, this year seems to have been especially demanding for some reason. Maybe just because I'm getting older every year... Anyway, we are now in the middle of what we call the fair "crunch." Our county fair happens twelve days from now and we're on a serious deadline to get all the project exhibits finished.

For the Creative Touches 4-H project, Abigail used the celery rose printing technique to embellish a tee shirt. You might remember the tutorial on this technique. The top turned out so cute! She is really becoming skilled at this embellishing thing...

She also re-purposed a pair of too-short jeans by cutting them even shorter, creating a cuff, and adding a line of yo-yos on top of the stitched hem. Yo-yo's are one of the techniques Abigail has learned in this project. Abigail really liked the way everything turned out and wanted to wear it right away, which made me very happy. Then she added a little yo-yo bouquet to a denim  visor to accessorize the ensemble.

The whole outfit was then judged for construction technique and modeled in our District Fashion Revue contest. One nice thing about this project (and the contest) is that the outfit is now finished and ready for the county fair! One more item checked off the list. ;o)

Yes, the first place medals for the Creative Touches project are around Abigail's neck.
Her good friend Avery also won first place for her darling "Sew and Go" duffel bag.


  1. Congratulations to Abigail. The jeans to capris redo is so cute and deserving of the 1st place ribbon! I understand the fair crunch deadline! Have fun creating & finishing fair projects!

  2. Congrats Abigail - Your hard work paid off! Love that Yo Yo trim... you might have to have a tutorial on that one!

  3. Congratulations, Abigail! The outfit is wonderful and deserving of first place! You and your mom have inspired me to dust off my very unused (since the 70's) crochet skills. they are coming back to me and I have made several dish cloths and trimmed a dish towel. Thank you! I enjoy your blog!

    1. Thanks ladies, your comments have made Miss Abigail smile!

  4. I LOVE 4H, too! Isn't it an awesome program? I just got back from working at the petting zoo of a fair last weekend, and we have about a month and a half until our big fair. My friends and I are starting to truly think about our projects......
    Awesome blog! I love the crafts. I'm always designing and planning my future house....maybe i'm weird, but I think that stuff's important.
    Thanks for the blog! I really enjoy it.

  5. great use of yo-yos! I've just started making them and I'm looking for places to use them. I like this idea a lot.


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