Monday, September 24, 2012

A Peek Inside - Tea Set

Last week, Miss Abigail was very happily surprised with a wonderful gift for her hope chest. In honor of many happy days spent together enjoying tea and company, Pat Humme, one of Abigail's special Stanley Ladies, presented her with a full china tea set, including several serving pieces and cups for eight. "Every young lady needs a tea set," Pat said, "especially Abigail." Pat also included a lovely cutwork tablecloth and eight matching embroidered napkins. It is a magnificent gift and much appreciated. Abigail is now cheerfully planning tea parties and will be a most elegant hostess, thanks to Pat.

Of course Pat knows that neither Miss Abigail nor I drink traditional green tea. Our Mormon friends might well blink their eyes. But the ladies have taught us that having tea together is more about enjoying company (and chocolate and biscuits) anyway. Hot cocoa, herbal tea, mulled cider, tart lemonade or memorable root beer floats are usually on the table for us. Pat is moving to Missouri to be close to her family there and we will miss her painfully, especially on Tuesdays and always at tea time.


  1. Those are beautiful! What a lovely gift.

  2. This gift is beautiful ) and useful too. I hope your daughter will make grand tea parties!

  3. Oh, please tell me when it's tea time!!!!!

  4. What an adorable tea set - such a lovely gift to receive!

    I would love a tea set but my hope chest ....... is full of books!!

  5. What fun!! and a beautiful treasure for her!! I know that was a gift that was thought out and money was spent on- which just adds to the gift of it all!!!!

    What is the name of the design? I am always on the lookout for china designs that I like, and I liked this one. (if you don't mind me asking!!)

    Have a WONDERFUL week!

  6. I just found your blog via Pinterest and am now following! I love what you said about girls taking more into marriage than just themselves. I am going to be getting married soon and have been a busy woman sewing, quilting, and crafting things for my soon to be new home!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

    P.S. I am now following your blog via GFC and email!


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