Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Peek Inside - Sewing Angel Christmas Ornament

Every year we add to the collection of Christmas ornaments for Miss Abigail's hope chest. Handmade ornaments are especially prized, particularly when they are actually handmade by Miss Abigail. This very sweet "Sewing Angel" ornament was created by Abigail at our ladies club meeting last week. Isn't she darling?

Billie Lauder, a professional quilter and crafter extraordinaire helped us with this easy project. Billie joined our group some time ago and always has such great ideas for fun things to do. She brought the pieces in a little kit and all we had to do was stack the elements on a long metal pin and twist the end into a loop hanger. The silver metal bobbin is spun with silver thread and the rest of the beads are silver as well. Very clever I think.


  1. Hi. Found your blog today. How would I get a Christmas ornament? My mothers sews beautifully and I would like to try to get one for her.Thanks I can't wait to read the rest of your blog.

    1. I'm sorry that these aren't for sale, but they were sure easy to make. You would need to get several metal beads at Hobby Lobby (in the jewelry/bead section) along with a long metal pin (in the jewelry findings) to stack them on. Then get a metal sewing bobbin in the fabric store along with silver thread (or any other color you might rather have). Then wind the thread on the bobbin - your mom could help you do that without knowing what you were doing - and glue the end down. Then just stack the beads and the bobbin on the metal pin and curl or bend the top end into a hanger for the ornament hook. Your mom will love it!


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