Friday, April 5, 2013

A Peek Inside -- Scrapbooks and Family History

Genealogy and family histories are a traditional item to include in the hope chest, at least in Mormon families. Happily, I have managed to include some of these in Miss Abigail's hope chest. This is the first scrapbook I made for Abigail. It has her birth story, which was pretty harrowing, and pictures from the first year of her life. I've also been slowly working on a personal history of my own life to share with all of my children. I'm on my way home from Idaho with scanned pictures, genealogy and other memorabilia of my father's life. Plus, I have 10+ hours of recorded interviews with my mother about her life, which I hope to use in a family history.

Because I am a faithful Mormon woman, genealogy and family history is a responsibility in my life. But I also see it as an opportunity to become better acquainted with my ancestors and to pass their stories on to my children. I'm a link in a long chain and I certainly want Miss Abigail to feel the security of her strong family ties.

Do any of you have family records and stories to pass along? I hope so.

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