Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shepherd's Wool Lead

The point of the new Shepherd's Wool Lead class at our county fair is to promote the use of wool in fashion and to promote the wool breeds of sheep as well. The contestants visit with a judge in an interview, then model a handmade garment or outfit made of at least 60% wool. Then they return to the ring and show a groomed sheep in fleece. We had just three girls sign up this year, but Abigail had fun and hopefully the class will catch on and there will be more participation next year. The garments must be handmade or homemade, but not necessarily by the contestant. I made the outfit this year, a cropped wool sweater and a long, flared wool skirt. I am so pleased that both garments turned out well. Here are the pics from the show.



  1. She looks so lovely! :) We did something similar to this several years ago- only it was the Cotton Extravaganza. Don't even know if that is still going, but it is certainly a fun idea. :)
    The outfit looks really nice! Great job!! =D

  2. Beautiful outfit on a beautiful girl!! (It's Jackie, by the way. I logged in through my blog, Two Lucys.)


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