Monday, February 10, 2014

Tutorial - Crocheted Towel Tender

This is a towel tender. It was designed to button over the oven door handle and hold a thick terry kitchen towel. I wanted enough room to change the towel without unbuttoning the tender. I made a couple of these to match the hand towels in the Floral set for Abigail's hope chest and wanted to include the pattern here. Depending on the relative thickness of the towels you might wish to tend, and the design of your oven handle, the foundation chain may be shortened or lengthened by 2 chains. You'll need just scraps of two colors of yarn, a size "G" crochet hook, and a 5/8-inch to 3/4-inch button. BTW, the pink flower button on the left is from a set of overalls that I sewed for Miss Abigail when she was a toddler. She certainly won't remember it, but I have some pleasure knowing she will take even such a little thing from her childhood with her when she leaves home.

Crocheted Towel Tender

Foundation & Row 1: Leaving a six-inch tail, chain 29. Hdc in second ch from hook and in each ch across. (28 hdc).

Row 2: Ch 3. Crossing over, hdc in chain opposite of last hdc. Hdc opposite each hdc across. (28 hdc).

Ch 3, join with sl st in top of opposite hdc. Fasten off and weave in this tail.

Row 3: With second color, join with a chain-3 in top of first hdc. [Skip next stitch, sl st in next stitch. Ch 3] across to end. Sl st in ch 2 space at end of row. Ch 3. sl st in same space, ch 3. Sl st in next hdc. Ch 3. Repeat between [ ] across to last hdc. Skip next hdc. Sl st in chain space at end of row. Ch 3, sl st in same space. Ch 3, sl st in bottom of beginning ch-3. Fasten off and weave in ends.


To finish, use the tail of the beginning chain to loosely sew on 5/8-inch or 3/4-inch button. The chain-3 space at the opposite end of the towel tender works as the button hole.


  1. Oh! It's so cute! I think I will make some for my hope chest!

  2. I will definitely make some of these for my new kitchen!!

  3. I want to teach my granddaughters to make these.

  4. So easy, so perfect!


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