Thursday, January 29, 2015

Young Womanhood Recognition Award

Miss Abigail achieved a milestone this month. Some of you may remember this post, where Abigail describes her first ten-hour project for the Personal Progress program sponsored for the young women of our church. She was just twelve years old at that time and just beginning the program. Abigail set a goal last year to finish all the requirements to complete the program and get the award. She finished up in December and I am really very proud of her. It isn't an easy thing, especially if you do it right. Many young women don't complete the award because it just takes too much effort in an already busy teen-age life and the time just runs out. Young girls really can't do it without some mentoring and that just isn't always available to all girls. So, I certainly don't judge or criticize, and I am glad that Abigail has had the right opportunities and good help available.

There are six categories in which the young women set personal goals. They need to complete several learning activities and projects within each category and then finish up with a ten-hour project of their choice that represents what they have learned about that value. The minimum requirement is ten hours, but most of Abigail's projects took many more hours than ten. The values center around the character traits of Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity and Virtue. Abigail's projects resulted in knowledge and skill in photography, sewing, hospitality, cooking, service, and so much more. You have actually seen many of the results posted here on the blog. I asked Abigail to write her thoughts for this post:

"I've just completed Personal Progress, a program designed for young women ages 12-18. The program helps us come to know who we are and what we can accomplish now and in the future. It helps us draw closer to God. Now that I am finished, I've thought a little bit about what was the most meaningful part of Personal Progress for me.

I think looking back and seeing how much I've grown as a result is very meaningful. Through Personal Progress, I have learned to appreciate my worth and the worth of others. I appreciate the value of a knowledgeable and wise mind and the importance of a kind, honest and virtuous character and ultimately, who I am. I am a daughter of God, who knows and cares for me. I am worth more than any amount of money, and so are all of Heavenly Father's daughters. I look back on the time when I was twelve years old, and now, at sixteen I see how much I've grown. A little maturity helps, but a lot of that growth I can attribute to Personal Progress. It has given me a running start in the race of life. I can now go on and become the woman God would want me to be, and help the other young women in my ward (congregation) in their Personal Progress as I go." --Miss Abigail


  1. Congratulations to Abigail. To have finished in 4 years is a great accomplishment!

  2. Miss Abigail, you are beautiful and articulate. Thank you for sharing the news of your accomplishment.

  3. Great job Abigail. I am so proud of your accomplishment. I wish I could have started when I was young also and had the help and support that you have. You remind me a lot of the missionaries that have come to visit me. You are well on your way!

  4. Congratulations, Abigail! You have accomplished a wonderful goal and learned so much in the process. I know your mother is so proud of the young woman you have become. Keep shining your beautiful light on all those around you!


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