Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Peek Inside: Sewing Instruction Book

I think a sewing instruction book is a must for Miss Abigail's hope chest. Have any of my older readers noticed how the sewing patterns of today are really quite short on instructions? The pattern companies must assume that those using their patterns already have quite a lot of experience with sewing. Even those designed for beginners! Although these are somewhat better, I find all patterns are really lacking when it comes to giving a true picture of the necessary steps of the sewing process.

This lack became apparent to me as I taught Miss Abigail to sew. I quite clearly remember learning to sew. I watched my mother, first of all. I learned some basic techniques from my home-ec classes in Junior High. Mostly I sewed at home, by myself, and gained hands-on experience by following the instruction sheet included with the pattern. Even in home-ec class, we followed the pattern instructions and then received help from the teacher (or mom) only as we ran into problems or had questions. Today I find myself constantly having to demonstrate or explain additional steps to Abigail.

I really like this Singer sewing instruction book. The explanations are clear and complete. The pictures obviously help illustrate the various techniques. It is almost as if this publisher understands what is missing in the pattern sheet and supplies this additional information. What a blessing! Miss Abigail just isn't quite as passionate about sewing and needlework as I am. But she is still a capable sewist and now and then I see the spark in her eye. But until she does a lot more unsupervised sewing, she will need this book to remind her of what those pattern instructions really mean.

This next week Miss Abigail will be altering and embellishing a hand-me-down Prom dress. Wish us luck wih that! If it works well, we'll show pictures.

If you are struggling with your own sewing, it could be you only lack clear instructions. Try this book.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I promptly went to Amazon and ordered a used copy to add to my library and/or gift to someone in the future. Look forward to receiving it and perusing.


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