Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Yellow Ruffled Towels

I recently made these cotton plain weave hand towels for a kitchen set that has been almost finished for a few years now. I have several sets for the kitchen that just need embellished hand towels or the apron sewn or crocheted dishcloths to match or a set of hot pads that are not crocheted! (I'm thinking Abigail might want a little variety in her kitchen linen drawer.) There is always a reason the final set isn't finished. Maybe I can't find a cotton yarn to match the rest of the set, or I can't think of a good way to fancy up the terry hand towel.

Take the yellow, blue and green set, for example. I had purchased the fabric for these towels quite a while ago because it was the perfect color to match the set and it was 100% cotton and it was just begging to be made into towels. You know how that is! Abigail embroidered one of a set of two dishtowels for the county fair a few years ago, but hasn't been interested in finishing the second one. The apron for this set is now sewn, but it still needs a pocket. I have planned to do one in filet crochet, similar to an apron my grandmother made for my hope chest, but I've needed to design the pattern and that just gets put off. So it goes.

I've decided to be disciplined. (Hah! We'll see how if that works.) I've made a list of all the unfinished items languishing in the kitchen sets that are otherwise finished. Naturally, this list is in my hope chest planning book! I am dutifully working on these projects before other, more mentally inspiring projects and methodically crossing things off as I finish them. This process has been good for me because, in some cases, I've just decided to eliminate items that I had planned for certain sets. The number of kitchen linens has become such a joke between my husband and Miss Abigail, that I think I can just call some of the sets finished.

I think I'm making good progress on the list. These towels are now crossed off the list. Now, if I can just turn my head when I see cute ideas on Pinterest or lovely fabric or darling tea towels...


  1. Hi Kathleen! I'm so glad I found your blog and follow it now. I always find your posts inspiring and motivational. These yellow towels are so cheerful! Can you tell me if by "cotton plain weave" you mean good quality quilting cotton, like Kona solids? I love the idea of making dish towels for gifts but am not sure how absorbent they'll be in a quilting weight cotton. Thank You & happy crafting!

    1. So happy to have another reader, welcome! Your instincts are right about quilting cottons. The nicer quilter's cottons use a thread (in the weaving stage) that is twisted more tightly, thus giving a nice finish to the fabric. The beautiful finish makes for a nice pillowcase! This tighter twist makes the thread less absorbent though. The homespun fabric, in the quilting section, is diffierent. The twist in the thread is a little less and the fabric makes GREAT dishtowels. There are lots or colors and pretty plaid patterns. I really love handmade homespun dishtowels. Some people I know love flannel dishtowels, especially once they are washed a number of times and some of the nap wears off. This particular yellow fabric is a bottom weight (meaning that it is heavy enought for a skirt or lightweight pants or shorts) and so is nice for a hand towel. By plain weave, I mean "one over, one under" just like you might have done as a child on a cardboard loom. This weave is simple and is also absorbent. The plain weave also lends itself to fraying easily, if desired. Good luck with your projects!

    2. I neglected to mention where to find the plain weave in a fabric store. It could be shelved in a couple of spots, but I generally have my best luck in the section where you find cotton fabric for summer skirts OR in with the home dec fabric. Hope that helps.


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