Sunday, May 8, 2016

Antique Store Crocheted Edgings

I recently visited a small antique mall in Albuquerque where I immediately sought out the linens in all the booths. I've mentioned before that I love to stir through piles of antique linens and wonder about the lives and stories behind the needlework. On this day I found several "antique" pillowcases with crocheted edgings. I put the term in quotes because I don't think they are antiques, used yes, but probably not antique. The fabric and thread did not match in age. Possibly someone crocheted on the edge of pre-owned pillowcases. These pink pillowcases were worn, but the thread is pretty new and not laundered as often. But I thought the edging pattern was pretty and so I took a picture with my phone. I can deduce the pattern quite easily so I'll probably use it on something for the hope chest.

I can see that the person who crocheted this edging used a single thread to hand sew a foundation on the edge of the pillowcase, creating the spaces for the initial row of double crochet stitches. The initial crocheted row is simply a (3 dc, ch 1) in each space around the pillowcase. The second row is (2 dc, ch 1) in each ch-1 space from the previous row. It may work out to be (2 dc, ch 2) rather than the ch 1. I'll have to experiment to determine that. The third row looks like (sc, ch 4) in each space from the previous row. The final row is also (sc, ch 4). It is a pretty pattern and I'm happy to have stumbled on it.

Here is a second edging. The initial foundation and the first row is the same, and I think it was crocheted by the same person, but I'll have to work on figuring out the pattern...

The initial foundation and first row is again the same in this third example. I'll have to experiment with this pattern also.


  1. Replies
    1. They are! I need to replace some of my pillowcases (or add to what I have in my linen cupboard) and that will give me a chance to try to replicate the patterns.

  2. These are so pretty! As I look closely at the top trim, I'm not sure there is even ch 1 between the sets of dc in either the first or second row. Makes me wonder how it would lie that way, but worth a try with whatever adjustments need to be made! Just the 'crochet geek' in me showing through. =) Going to give all three of these a try. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. There may not be a stitch in between, and it may not be necessary, but I usually put one in to separate a group like this. Try it out! Did you catch what I think is a mistake in the third picture (pink edging)? There is a single group of dc in the center of the photo that is different from those surrounding. Not sure what's up, but I think it is a mistake. I'm sure the crocheter was interrupted and then picked back up without checking. I've certainly made similar mistakes. I hope you can figure them out.


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