Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Embroidered Tote Bag

This post describes how to make a nice monogrammed tote bag. I made mine for a 4-H project and the result is beautiful. I’m very happy with how well it turned out.

1. Create a design. It was required for my 4-H project to create an item with an original design. If you do not need to make an original design, you can find one online or look in some iron-on patterns.

2. Transfer your design to the tote bag. I am going to tell you a really neat trick. First cut a square around the design. Next flip it over and with a soft lead pencil, color over the back. Next place the design in the middle of the tote bag and tape it to hold it down. Next, use a stylus and trace carefully along your design, making sure you get it all on. The pressure from the stylus leaves a mark on the fabric from the paper. It was pretty faint on this rough fabric. I traced over the pencil marks with a transfer pen.

3. Embroidering. Now you choose the colors for your design. I used blue for the letter, with pink and yellow for accents. After choosing colors, thread your needle and make a knot so your thread wont pull through. Then embroider the stitches. I used the chain stitch to outline the A. I used the cross-stitch to accent the middle of the monogram and the lazy daisy and the satin stitch on the accent flower.

When you finish, you will have a pretty monogrammed bag to tote books and things in. :o)

Respectfully submitted by Miss Abigail.

(If you need help with stitch instructions please check out the link for the Stitch School Blog on the sidebar --km)


  1. Well done, Miss Abigail. Thanks for the clever tip for transferring.

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  3. hm.. I am reached here by searching for calibration details of embroidery machines... think it is right place for it and this site should be an encyclopedia for the embroidery business.

  4. This bag pattern is fabulous! I've always loved ticking....and have bolts of the stuff. This is definitely a project to try out! Thanks!

  5. Oh weeza that's beautiful!! you will have to explain me how you did the adjustable strap!


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