Monday, March 7, 2011

Link for a Great Hand-Sewing Project

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I sometimes lurk on a great blog called Raising Homemakers. Several women contribute to this blog, dedicated to helping moms "teach and prepare daughters in the art of homemaking." Believe me, I can use their help. Recently, a post appeared with a darling hand-sewing project called Little Bag Sewing Tutorial. I am always looking for simple (meaning do-able) projects that will help me teach Miss Abigail and give her a way to practice her skills at needlework. I think she will enjoy making one of these useful, pretty little bags. We can always use another way to organize her stuff, even beyond the practice with hand-sewing.

Using a needle can be surprisingly difficult for those who do not have long years of experience! Making small, even stitches can be a challenge. As I have worked with Miss Abigail, I have discovered that she is more willing to try when her efforts produce a practical result. She doesn't like to just sit and practice with nothing to show for it but a line of stitching on fabric. Who would, really? I have had her stitch on a dishtowel, since that produces a useful item for the kitchen. I also have the most beautiful flannel dust cloths! This project will be different and easily do-able. Did you notice the fancy ribbon ties? I would never have thought to add that extra ribbon. So cute.

I'll give Miss Abigail the opportunity to dream up her own design and follow the directions given in the tutorial. I wonder what she will come up with. Thanks to Robin at for this wonderful tutorial.

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