Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stenciled Hot Pads

I made these hot pads to match the dishcloth I wrote about. They are made with a stenciled design. A stencil is a sheet of plastic or paper or metal with a cut-out picture. It is used with ink, paint, or dye to transfer the picture onto another surface. You can stencil on almost anything! You can stencil on walls, tables, clothing, furniture, boxes - even paper like greeting cards, notebooks and stationery. A stencil can be used more than once to repeat the design.

I made my hot pads for a 4-H project. Stenciling was one of the techniques included in the project. My mom helped me learn how to do it. At first it was hard because if you use too much paint, it gets goopy and leaks under the edges of the stencil. But now that I have some skill, it is easier. Taping the stencil helps keep it from sliding all over. Holding the stencil tightly down on the surface or using an adhesive stencil is another good trick because this keeps the paint from going under the edge and sharp edges are very important in stenciling.

I also stenciled on this tote bag.

and I stenciled puppy paw prints on these pants. ;o)

Stenciling is a very handy skill in making things for a future home. You can stencil on hot pads, pillow cases, couch pillows, curtains, towels, place mats - even your clothes. It is quick, easy and fun!

The stenciled hot pads, together with my crocheted dishcloth, will make a nice set for my hope chest.

Respectfully submitted by Miss Abigail.

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  1. muy hermosos trabajos de stencils, gracias por compartirlos. saludos desde puerto rico


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