Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Peek Inside - Mouse Dishtowels

Miss Abigail has a quite a few sets of dishtowels in her hope chest already, but this precious mouse set was made by a special friend. Doris learned to embroider many, many years ago and although she is now in her 80's, she still enjoys doing it. Her embroidery is exquisite! Doris’s tiny, careful stitches, with all the little details completed, make this set truly exceptional and I’m so glad that Miss Abigail will have these as a particular legacy from Doris.

I once asked Doris how she did the tiny details so well. She told me, “Well hon, you just have to use one strand of thread and make the stitches as small as you can.” Sigh...no shortcut there. Although I was initially taught to use two strands of thread, I sometimes use three strands so that I can make slightly bigger stitches and eat up the lines a little faster. Doris always uses two strands, unless she’s doing the details. Lesson learned. Just look at the following close ups of her work. She is an inspiration to me!

Doris is a member of the Stanley Homemaker’s Club, to which I also have belonged for many years now. The club was organized way back in about 1942 and is still going, although some members are now aged. Abigail is graciously welcomed by all of the ladies at our meetings. These ladies have watched her grow up and often spoil her with gifts and treats. She really loves club days and I am so grateful that she has many various and wonderful examples of the term homemaker.

 Doris and Miss Abigail at our recent club luncheon

Miss Abigail has several other items in her hopechest that were made or given by these wonderful women, including two other sets of dishtowels made by Doris. We’ll show those to you also, by and by.


  1. Miss Doris does beautiful work. Abigail is blessed to have many women to mentor her and contribute gifts to her hope chest. They will all be a blessing in the years to come.

  2. Miss Doris's work is beautiful!!!! The mouse are cute.
    Blessings from France

  3. Miss Dor's work is amazing and so precise! How lucky a girl is Abigail to have such amazing treasures for her hopechest!

  4. It's very rare to see a girl as young as your Miss Abigail that's even interested in home crafts! You and she are both very lucky to have each other. Miss Doris does beautiful embroidery, makes me remember learning it when I was young. Thank you for sharing!


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