Saturday, May 21, 2011

Progress with Sewing

Miss Abigail and I had a very productive day yesterday. Her sewing project for 4-H is coming along very well, and we worked happily together for most of the day. When we both started to get a little short and I started hearing things like, "I'm never going to learn to sew!" I decided we needed to put it away for a while. But, we can now check off the following skills:

  • Pinning and cutting out a commercial pattern
  • Using interfacing
  • Darts!
  • Grading seams
  • Sewing and turning a flat collar (we only unpicked it three times)
  • Sewing and turning a front shirt facing

Still to finish:

  • Sewing the set-in sleeves
  • Sewing a ruffled hem
  • Setting buttonholes and buttons
Miss Abigail also needs to sew the matching Capri pants, but she's done them before, so that should be straightforward enough. I think I deserve a pat on the back. ;o)  It was kind of a long day...


  1. *patting you on the back* yeah!! Sounds like y'all got quite a bit done!!
    That is a very adorable top. I can't wait to see the matching capris!! I hope you plan on getting pictures of her in it.. :)
    Did you have time to get a nice cup of tea?? ;)

  2. Love the fabric! Here's your tutorial on glass painting....we bought pain specifically for glass at Michaels...taped a coloring book picture on the inside of the plate, turned it over & painted on the back (2 coats) then outlined with black paint. You can then bake the dish and the paint is permanent! Thats it, easy peasy. We got our dishes at Walmart and now they have them at Dollar Tree.

  3. Here's a pat for you, Kathleen, and a pat for Miss Abigail, too, who also probably feels like she needs/deserves one. The top is really cute. I like the combination of colors/prints. I'm impressed that she's willing to sew. And I think she must be very patient to pick out a collar 3 times!

  4. Thank you ladies, for the pats. I was being just a bit facetious, and Nancy is right. Abigail is very co-operative and quite patient and I am so thankful for that. That trait is why I'm trying to teach her now, while she is still so bidable. ;o) Everyone tells me that the co-operation just won't last, but I don't believe them. Not really, because I heard all that before with my boys and the doomsdays never happened. I know that girls are said to be very different from boys, but Abigail is really such a good girl! A little emotional and dramatic at times, but then she is a chip of my block there.

    (BTW, I was the one who unpicked, because I was concerned about saving the fabric; but poor Abigail had to re-sew it again and again.)

  5. What a blessing for Miss Abigail to have such a knowledgeable, helpful, patient mother. Sometimes I wish I lived nearer my mom so she could help me with sewing, as I am a grown-up beginner. :)

  6. I was a little teary reading through Miss Abigail's journey with sewing, remembering my own instruction years ago.
    A dear friend of my Mother, who knew I wanted to learn to sew, lovingly and patiently helped me sew my first apron then a blouse which I entered in our county Fair. Those lessons (and Love) meant more to me than anyone could ever know.
    Bless you.

  7. Mrs. Mordecai and Carolyne, thank you both for your comments. I do hope Abigail's memories are as sweet.


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