Monday, February 6, 2012

Crocheted Jar Ribbons

One of the projects we completed as part of the pantry unit for Home Ec was crocheted jar ribbons. Because Miss Abigail doesn’t much like the tedium of crochet, I try to keep crochet projects simple and quickly finished. I want Abigail to keep up the hand skill, and remember the stitches, but I don’t want her to dread or hate this craft. I’m still hoping that she will come to enjoy it at some point. So we made simple chain ribbons to tie around some of the jars in our cupboards. You could also use purchased ribbons, or simply rip up some lengths of fabric to tie around the jars. The idea is just to pretty up the pantry just a bit. If you want to use the jar with the ribbon, just move it to a different jar. I’ve also seen pantry ribbons or tags suggested as a way to identify food items that you might be saving for a special dish. This helps to keep the item out of the family "food chain."

These crocheted ribbons are just a length of chain stitch. I made a tutorial for crocheted book marks and gift ribbon some time ago. The method is the same for this project. The longest ribbon (for quart jars) is about 27 inches long.

 Abigail left a short length of yarn on the ends of her ribbons, but I added small metal heart charms to the one I made. I threaded the charm on to the end length of thread, then wove the end back into the chain.


  1. Good Morning Kathleen!

    I just stopped by to say "hello" and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. What a wonderful idea to be working on a "Hope Chest" with your daughter. Not having that privilege, since I am the mother of three sons, I have begun to create items for my future "daughter-in-laws". Possibly someday I could do this with a "granddaughter", if the Lord blesses us with one! Anyway, thank you for the inspiration.

    Have a blessed day,

  2. I love reading your blog and learning from your excellent posts. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Please visit my blog for details.

  3. Thank you ladies! Laura, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. I do encourage you in your desire to make a hope chest for your boys and their brides. I reared three boys ahead of Abigail and made a quilt and filled a large laundry basket with handmade linens as a wedding gift from me. Each of my sweet daughters in law LOVED and enjoy using this gift. My own mother-in-law did this for me and I still use these things. I promise it will be a blessing to them.

    Michelle, what a sweetheart to honor me with a blog award. I'm so pleased that you find the blog so useful and enjoyable. My time on the computer at the public library is so limited, however, that I cannot pass this on - I hope you won't be offended. Thank you again for your vote of confidence!

  4. Lovely idea! I will do this to all my jar in my pantry unit. Thanks for the lovely idea.


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