Friday, April 6, 2012

A Special Easter Egg

Eggs! You stumble around and over them at Easter time. My little family will color them tomorrow and I miss the times our older boys hid colored eggs for Abigail to search for. I need to do something special for Easter, I thought, for the blog. Could I find a beautiful picture, somehow compose and share my tender and personal testimony of Jesus Christ? How could I possibly explain how much I treasure His grace, His blessings, His watchcare and help...

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Michele's blog, Simply Scaife Family Farm. I was recently mining gems in the depths of her labels, when I read her post about One Tiny Gift. I knew I wanted to share it with those that I love this weekend. This is my testimony as well, that small efforts combine to bring about the purpose of God. That Jesus Christ loves and appreciates all who bring even one tiny gift, to make His kingdom -even the world, better and brighter. Thank you, Michele for such a lovely reminder of this truth. A Blessed Easter to all of you.

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