Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Peek Inside - Golden Books

Hi all! I wanted to show some of the books that I've saved in Miss Abigail's hopechest. Books are on my mind, I guess. We're ready to start school and I've been sorting and planning and organizing.  I know, I know - I promised to be more regular about posting after the county fair. But, remember - I am an "old momma"! I needed just a bit of a vacation. Abigail is starting high school work this year and the logistics of planning and organizing are more complicated. I've been through it before and I know it will be okay, but for some reason, I'm fussing about it. I will mention that this year marks 21 years of homeschooling for me. Just so you know that I'm a pro at fussing...

Anyway - these are a couple of Abigail's favorite Golden Books. You can tell she loved them!

Abigail's daddy read her the Good Night Little Bear book almost every night for a long time. Every time he got to this page, Abby would be stiff with anticipation over the mouse in the wood box and when Kerry would read "EEEEK!" Abigail would giggle and giggle. Every night. And then the whole family would laugh. Fun memories. I hope she will enjoy sharing these books with her own children.


  1. What fun memories! I love the illustrations in the Little Golden book about God ~ they are beautiful! We've got some of Amy's saved too ~ she also had a set of Minnie Mouse books that she loved and her American Girl books! Have fun preparing for school, we started this week....our last year!

  2. I love reliving childhood favorites! When I was little and my momma took me grocery shopping, the treat I always asked for was a book, the little 25 cent ones that stores used to sell. I guess I haven't changed -- I still love books, especially children's ones.

  3. I have a couple of my books saved from my childhood. Not as many as I would like but if I had my way I wouldn't get rid of books ever!

    I have a copy of Tom Kitten that I used to read over and over.


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