Tuesday, August 7, 2012

County Fair

Miss Abigail did very well at the Santa Fe County Fair this last week. In fact, she can hardly contain her happiness at winning a coveted buckle for all her work on her indoor exhibits. Reserve High Point winner! She took 47 exhibits this year, including many arts and crafts projects. Seventeen of her 4-H exhibits were recommended for our State Fair next month. Usually fair officials provide a plaque for the indoor high point awards, but this year they awarded buckles and she is so excited to have one, maybe you can tell from the picture. ;o) Here are some other highlights of the fair...

Abigail was very brave to take one of our Shetland rams to the sheep show this year. This guy is named Romeo and is tame enough (and old enough...) to attempt the show. She also showed two Finns in the ewe class. The judge was very complimentary. She was the only exhibitor in the breeding classes. We continue to work on increasing the interest in this project.

Now that the fair is finished, I should be able to return to posting a little more regularly - hopefully! Thanks for being patient.


  1. How awesome! There is something about seeing those ribbons on all your projects that increases the interest in crafting/canning. And the belt buckle is so cool! Congratulations to Abigail!

  2. Congratulations Abigail! Beautiful pictures from the fair..looks like hard work, but wonderful lessons and memories!

  3. Congratulations! Abigail did so well!

    What amazing skills she is learning all while having fun!

  4. Love the buckle! who made it! (should be on the back, i am purchasing for our 4-H event and need some direction, smabatti@ucanr.edu) Thank You!!!


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