Monday, November 4, 2013

Serendipity Hand Towels

Serendipity means "a happy accident" or "a pleasant surprise." A couple of days before my surgery, I just happened to find a set of two terry cloth kitchen towels in just the right colors to match the "Kitchen Utensils" set for the hope chest. I am amazed that the colors are so perfect! I don't plan any more embellishment and am just adding them to the set. Hooray for something easy...


  1. Simple handwork is such an aide to recovery. I am so grateful to hear you are healing up and finding ways to keep your sanity! Recovery can be a challenge- and the towels are just beautiful.

  2. Hand Towels is such a great thing, it is very beautiful and attractive, but behind it a lot of hard work which make it beautiful and more attractive produce.


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