Friday, November 1, 2013

"Blessing Towels"

The day after my last post, I went into the hospital for a surgery to correct an injury to my ankle. Thankfully, after four weeks, I am finally able to put weight on my foot and walk again. Maybe I should say that I am able to move on my own since I still have some work to do before I can call this walking. Still, I am so grateful to be moving without crutches. The Lord is gracious unto me!

Because of the surgery, I've had some down time to do hand work for the hope chest. I finished up the last items for the brown/aqua "Kitchen Utensils" set. Actually, I still need to sew the apron, but alas, not until I can use the foot pedal on the sewing machine again. I've been calling these hand towels the "Blessing Towels." The blessing comes from the Bible, specifically Numbers 6:24-26. I love this blessing and wanted to pass it on to Miss Abigail. A friend of mine saw these towels in TJMaxx and I was so pleased that she snapped them up. The color is perfect and there is a plain weave space amid the waffle weave that is just perfect for cross stitch. I didn't want to put too much cross stitch work into kitchen towels and this alphabet was simple and quick. I really like how the towels turned out.


  1. Oh, Kathleen, I'm so sorry you've had to have surgery on your ankle. It's so hard being laid up, especially for longer than a few days. I hope your "hobble" gets better very quickly.

    The towels are beautiful, both the embroider and the color.

    Take good care.

  2. Beautiful! I hope your ankle heals completely ~ foot injuries are no fun! Happy Fall!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful idea!!


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