Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tutorial - Scalloped Ticking Stripe Hand Towel

This is an example of a hand towel made from 100% cotton "ticking stripe" fabric. I have almost finished what I am calling the "peachy/green" kitchen set and a set of two of these hand towels are part of that set. One yard of ticking fabric, along with 1/4 yard of a matching cotton print for the facing, made two towels.

The first step was to pre-shrink both fabrics and cut the towels to size. My towels were cut 20 inches in width by 28 inches in length. I used a large manilla envelope like a t-square and drew a line across the bottom of both ends of the towel to square them up.

Then I used a scrapbooking design tool draw a scalloped edge along the line at both ends of the towel. To make the scallops even I began with the center of a scallop in the middle of the towel. If you want to do the math to adjust the size of the scallops and make them come out even on the edges you may do so, I just made the scallops on the edges a little bigger to take up any extra space.

Next, I turned and pressed the side edges to make a 1/2-inch hem along the sides of the towel.

I cut four facing strips from the printed fabric that were 2 3/4-inches deep and the width of the towel. I turned and pressed a 1/2-inch hem across the long edge of each strip. I placed the facing, with right sides together, matching the bottom edge of the towel and pinned.

I used the innermost pressed line of the towel side hem as a guide and sewed down the side of the hem facing and then followed the penciled lines to sew around the scallops across the bottom of the towel. I finished with the far side edge.

I trimmed the seam and clipped the curves and points.

I turned the faced hem and carefully pressed the scallops, tucking under the side hems and pinning across the top edge of the hem.

Then I sewed the hem closed, keeping as close to the edge as possible.

I pressed again and repeated the process on the other end. The towel is finished.

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  1. Oh, how nice, Kathleen! The facing fabric you chose is so beautiful it would have been a trim on the front, too.


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