Monday, September 8, 2014

Peachy/Green Kitchen Set

I made these dishcloths some time ago using yarn from my stash and my favorite granny square pattern. I liked the mix of colors so much that I decided to do a kitchen set for Miss Abigail's hope chest using these colors. The stack has grown over the last month. Here are the pictures.

Tutorial: Fabric Border Dishtowels

Pattern: Diagonal Dishcloths
Pattern: Alternate Double V-Stitch Dishcloths
Tutorial: Scallop Edged Hand Towel
Pattern: Vintage Design Ruffled Dish Mop
The pattern for the ruffled dishmop, using crochet thread is found here. I used a thin cotton yarn for this set and only put 4 rows on, plus the last single crochet border. The regular worsted weight cotton yarn is just too thick for this pattern. However, a sport weight cotton yarn, like Paton's "Grace" yarn or another "light"  worsted weight (#2 or #3) seems okay with fewer rows worked.

I have patterns written for the edging and the other two dishcloths. Watch for separate posts for these. Soon, I hope. (edit: see the links in the photo captions -km)


  1. I love this set and your blog. I check it every day. You keep me inspired!

    1. Thank you Rene! I am so glad to have you reading.

  2. I LOVE these colors....what a beautiful set! I would love to make a couple sets of my own for this coming Christmas gifts. Could you please tell me what the name of the green and variegated yarn colors are that you used to make the Granny Square dishcloths? Thank you so very much for sharing all your wonderful ideas! You're a main source of inspiration for me! ~ Annie

    1. Hi Annie - thanks for the sweet compliment! The variegated color is called "Tumbleweed" and the green is called "Country Green."

    2. I should have mentioned the brand: Lily's Sugar N Cream.


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