Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Peek Inside - Handwoven Tea Towels

Miss Abigail and I went to the Heart of New Mexico Fiber Gathering over the weekend and found these beautiful handwoven tea towels. We couldn't pass them up. Abigail is loving orange right now and my favorite color is green. I think they make a very pretty set for the hope chest!


  1. Hi I just wanted to let you know you have inspired me to start this for my daughter. I never had this done for me and wish I had. I have a question about storing things. My husband wants to make the chest himself and give it to her at her 16th birthday. She will be 15 this winter. So right now I have been storing the crochet wash cloths towels potholders and things in shoe boxes. Do you think they will be okay like that for the next year or so? I don't want to hound him to do it early and take the sentiment he's bringing to the project away. Any ideas you have will be welcomed :) love this blog:)

  2. Hello - I'm so glad you found the blog and hope that you continue to find it useful. How fortunate that our daughter will have a chest built especially for her by her father! Yes, your things will be okay in boxes for a year or so. Plastic storage boxes might be better than cardboard because cardboard sometimes stains over time, particularly if it gets wet, though I'm sure you'll take care. The bottom drawer of a chest would work or a space in your linen closet. I use large Rubbermaid storage bins for the overflow from Miss Abigail's chest. Be sure that whatever you store is clean and is free from starch so that bugs don't find a feast. And, if you are in a humid climate, think about adding a dessicant to the box as well.


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