Saturday, October 11, 2014

Heirloom Crocheted Bookmark

In honor of Family History Month I wanted to show you this crocheted filet style bookmark. My grandmother, Minnie Irene Anderson Clements, made this for me when I was young. She made these bookmarks in different colors, for all of her grandchildren and many of her great grandchildren. It measures about 7.5 inches long and is about 2 inches wide. The thread size is probably 30 and the hook size was probably a 12 or 14. Very tiny and hard to work. This is a treasure to me.

Minnie Irene Anderson Clements 1886-1978

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  1. I want to say "Hi" here. I am a new follower. I am really enjoying seeing the beautiful things you make! I have three daughters ( and a son), so I think this is delightful! One is even an Abigail. I am hoping to be able to teach my daughters homemaking skills that I never learned or just barely dabbled in before I was married.


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