Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Peek Inside: "Blankie" Scraps

Okay, I am a little ashamed to have kept this, it really should have been thrown away. But mom's can be pretty sentimental. About this, you ask!? Well, yes. This is all that is left from Miss Abigail's "blankie." Abigail herself says, "Mom, it looks like something you would push out the door with a stick." I have to agree. But, I have put these last shreds in a little box in the corner of the hope chest. She might get a kick out of it someday. BTW, she HATED me to wash the thing because then it didn't smell right and it didn't feel right. (Sigh...)


  1. Thank you for a hearty laugh today, Kathleen! My daughters never had favorite blankets/blankies but I'm sure I could find some odd things I've saved if I searched just a little.

  2. I have a little heart shaped box with similar scraps of my youngest's blankie which was once a cashmere cardigan of mine! So precious to all of us mammas :) Gill

  3. I wonder if you could use them to stuff a little toy for one of her future children.


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