Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pink and Brown Diagonal Dishcloths

These dishcloths are another item made for the Pink/Brown kitchen set that I am currently working on. I used the Diagonal Dishcloth pattern. After I finish this set, I have just one more fairly large kitchen set planned for the hope chest and then I am finished with kitchen linens. Then I want to do a few table linens. Soon I will need to start on quilts and some more baby items. Miss Abigail's hope chest is growing large. The actual chest is now overflowing to the secondary hope chest, which is a lovely antique four-drawer clothes chest. It may be true what my funny husband says: "Abby will need a U-Haul to carry her hope chest away."

BTW, a good friend of mine tells me that she can't understand this diagonal pattern very well, but can't express what is wrong with it. Has anyone else tried it and been disappointed? What can I fix about the pattern that would make it easier to understand, particularly for beginners. This dishcloth is so easy and quick to do. I certainly welcome any suggestions that would make the written directions better. Just email me!

1 comment:

  1. These are beautimous (and my favorite colors together!) :)

    I know that I've seen your blog name before...maybe because my sister is really into crocheting...but I just found you again through our Google Analytics :) Thanks for linking to our blog on your sidebar! I love your blog!


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