Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sew on Saturday: Pink & Brown Floral Apron

I always plan for aprons as part of the kitchen sets that I'm making for the hope chest. But for some reason, I put off making them. I have several cute patterns and I have a hard time choosing which pattern to use. The pattern for this apron is Butterick #5263 and I like it very much. I did not use the full lining the pattern called for. Instead, I just purchased bias tape and attached it as a faced hem to finish all the edges.

I took the opportunity to show Miss Abigail how to sew a nice curve on the pocket. In case you don't know, I will mention it to you. Just make a gathering stitch along the curve and pull it up a little bit. This creates a natural curve and then you can press it before pinning the pocket to be sewn. This is much, much easier than trying to press the curve without the fabric being gathered.

Completing this apron finishes the Pink&Brown kitchen set for the hope chest. I'm off to take pictures and will post the finished set next week. I hope you'll check back.


  1. Such a darling apron, just the kind I like! And such pretty material. Good job!

  2. Oh, I just love it! Thanks so much for posting pattern brand and number. I found online that it was out of print, but went to ebay and it is on its way to me at a very decent price (probably less than if new) and with free shipping. Happy me!

  3. Thanks for the compliments ladies! I do think it turned out pretty cute. My favorite aprons are the ones without ties and that don't have a band around my neck. Good luck with your project, Kath!

  4. It looks great, Kathleen! I need an apron that covers at least part of my back because I have the bad habit of patting my wet hands there. I suppose I would have to adapt this pattern for a wider figure than Abigail's....
    Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  5. Looks lovely and so homely! You have a wonderful taste and hand for various crafts Kathleen. Looking forward to see the finished set!


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