Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentines Towels

I'm adding these two hand towels to the Valentines kitchen set in Miss Abigail's hope chest. The colors were super hard to photograph, but the towels are quite beautiful.

I ran into the toile print cotton fabric some time ago and it called to me, so this towel is hand sewn and decorated with the embroidered rick rack trim. The dark red plaid is a Dunroven House towel and I just used a simple running stitch to embellish it a bit. Here are a couple of close pictures.
 You might remember that this towel also has the dotted rick rack technique applied.

I used a thicker perle cotton thread for the lighter stitches and it has a more raised impression than the darker, six strand embroidery cotton, which lays more flat. I like how that turned out.

If you're interested this post describes what is currently packed away in the hope chest for celebrating Valentines Day.


  1. Those are very pretty; I especially like how you embellished the plain one.

  2. Thank you ladies! I appreciate you all.

  3. Hi Kathleen i love these tea towels they are so pretty,well done and i am also your newest follower,i hope you will visit and follow me.I love how you have finished the ric rac xx

  4. I love these! Do you use 100% cotton fabric for the tea towels?
    I love seeing all the things you put in the hope chest.

  5. These are lovely! So inspiring. I want to incorporate making things for hope chests into home school. We have two girls (under five) and another on the way.


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