Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Peek Inside: Valentine's Day Kitchen Set

These are all the items we have in Miss Abigail's hope chest to celebrate Valentine's Day. This holiday has been a favorite for Abigail. I always made sugar cut-out cookies and Abigail would help me decorate them. The pretty vintage gingham apron was a gift from one of the club ladies to Abigail. It is a perfect cookie-baking apron. Miss Abigail made the cute stenciled hearts dishtowel a few years ago with a friend. You can read the "how-to" here.

We also crafted hand-made Valentines every year to give to friends and that was the most fun! We collected quite a lot of supplies for this project: stamps and stickers and specialty paper and ribbons and fancy scissors and templates. Once the scrapbooking craze hit the stores some years ago, we were truly in business. This activity has been so much fun and I will miss it intensely. I will pack up some of the tools and supplies in a pretty box for the hope chest, so that Abigail can continue this tradition with her own children. She will also be quite ready to bake the cookies!


  1. I hope you have cookie cutters too~ d

    1. Oh! Absolutely -- Those are still in my baking drawer, Donna. I forgot to get them out for the picture!

  2. What a great heart-shaped treasure box!

  3. Can you share the how-to for the darling apron? Is that black ricrac hand "embroidered" on it? A vintage flair to it! Looks simple enough to make, doesn't it? Maybe a future post?



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