Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Cross-Stitch Towel Set

This is another set made for a wedding gift. The set includes two cross-stitched dishtowels with the easy zig-zag crocheted trim, two plain white hand towels with a variation of the easy v-stitch trim, and one terry dishcloth with an easy chain stitch edging. I used the same pattern for the embroidery that Miss Abigail is using on a set for the hope chest. The pattern is one of Aunt Martha's called Cross-Stitch Colonial Girl.


  1. Simply beautiful. I love the striking contrast of red on white.

  2. LOVE it. Do you ever have a problem with the red thread "bleeding" onto white fabric? I've heard it could be an issue.

  3. Thank you ladies! Donna, I haven't had trouble with DMC embroidery thread bleeding, but I've not ever used thread that comes in kits. I've always bought the colors in separate skeins. Hah, let's hope this will not be the first time. I do know that it has been a problem in the past, but I've not ever had a problem. The crochet thread has also never given me a problem.

  4. Those are beautiful! I'm not even the biggest cross-stitch fan, but those are just too lovely.

    These Little Hands


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