Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monogrammed Envelope

I wanted to make a kind of envelope or bag to keep the whole of the aqua "Kitchen Utensils" set together in the hope chest. The stack of linens was simply to tall for a bag to work very well, so I made something even more simple. I'm calling it an envelope, but it is open on the sides. It is more like a wide ribbon band. I like it somewhat better than the one I made for the Thanksgiving Set because, while this one keeps things together and more or less enclosed, I can still see the contents of the set without undoing the whole thing.

I started by measuring the stack of linens that I wanted to cover. The largest folded towels on the bottom of the stack measure 12 inches square and the whole stack is about 11 inches tall. So I cut a rectangular piece of aqua fabric 25-inches wide (12 inches doubled, plus a 1-inch seam allowance) by 36-inches long.

I wanted an embroidered monogram on the outside of the envelope so I enlarged the same style of letter as I used on the "Retro-Fun" towels in the set.

I sewed along the long side of the fabric rectangle, creating a long tube.

I left a small opening for turning later and then pressed the seam open.

I sewed along both ends of the tube. I put the seam in the middle so that both edges would be pressed and look the same. I turned the tube right side out and pressed everything well. (Remember to use a press cloth over the embroidery so that you don't flatten the stitches.)

Finally, I sewed buttonholes and buttons and it is finished. I can't wait to finish the last of the projects in this set and tuck it all up in the hope chest.

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  1. I enjoyed your blog! My oldest Granddaughters name is Abigail Hope! I have four little granddaughters and am planning on hope chests for all of them. My husband is a carpenter and will be making them each a chest.


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