Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Peek Inside: Easter Figurines

I think it is always a blessing when you can spend holidays with family around you. Dinner at grandma's house, games and activities with cousins, learning manners and visiting etiquette, family pictures! I grew up with a close extended family and I have warm, happy memories of holidays with my family. However, since the early days of our marriage, our extended family has been many miles away. Our children have had to grow up without the happy buzz of family holidays. My sweet mother-in-law did her best to compensate for that. When our boys, and then Miss Abigail, were young children, their grandmother would send holiday boxes full of treats and inexpensive toys. She really never missed any major holiday or birthday! Our children came to count on these boxes and eagerly looked forward to them!

After Abigail grew into a teenager, the boxes gradually trickled off and finally stopped. Obviously my mother-in-law couldn't keep it up forever and Abby is the youngest grandchild. The last Easter box came a few years ago. Together with candy and a beautiful card, Grandma included these figurines to decorate the table. Naturally they are included in the hope chest for future Easter celebrations!.

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