Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Driving Instruction

Miss Abigail started her driver's instruction in Albuquerque this week. Because we home school, she has not had the benefit of a school program, so we have to make other arrangements. My husband and I want Abigail to learn to drive in city traffic so that she won't be surprised and frightened to drive to the city when necessary. I decided I wanted someone else to be the teacher for this, so we signed her up for a course at a private driving school. It is a pretty big hassle to get her there for the classroom portion. The actual driving lessons will stretch out over the next few months.  I really love where we live, isolated as we are on the high plains of New Mexico. But when it comes to situations like this, it is a bit of a burden. Soon, however, Abigail will be able to get around herself, which will be a bigger relief to me.


  1. Great new beginnings Kathleen! It will surely be a relief and good skills for miss Abigail to acquire! Congrats!

  2. A new chapter! And a valuable skill to learn!


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