Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Gift - Prairie Points

I'm excited to learn a new trick for using prairie points on a dishtowel. Linda at Prairie Flower Farm has THE cutest spring embroidered tea towel pattern. I love the way she has attached prairie points in a tuck at the bottom edge of the towel. I think that is just so clever. Linda had a giveaway and, lucky for me, she is graciously sharing the pattern with those of us who didn't win the giveaway. The pattern is on her sidebar in a e-mail download link, called "Free Spring Thyme Tea Towel."

Although I didn't have time to do the embroidery on the towels for this gift, I did use her idea for the prairie points and I love the way they turned out.

The simple running stitch adds the sweetest handmade touch, I think.

The crocheted thread edging on the hand towels is really simple to do. I use this edge all the time on gifts because it is so quick, but still pretty. I'll try to make a tutorial soon for this edging. Since I picked up another wedding announcement in the mail yesterday, I should be using it on several more wedding gifts before the "season" has ended!

I love the colors in this gift set. They just seem so cheerful to me. The variegated yarn in the dishcloths and hotpads is my favorite color right now - Peaches and Cream "Gum Drops."


  1. The black and white sets were really pretty ~ but my very favorites are today. The Prairie Points on the towels are so cute and the running stitch really sets it off. I want to learn how to do the crocheted edge on the towel, so I will be looking forward to your tutorial. Remember when you post it ~ I am a beginner, "crochet for dummies" is the approach I will be able to follow!!!!

  2. Ah Donna, you make me laugh. Anyone who can complete such gorgeous smocking projects will be able to learn this edging! The challenge will be using the thread, but I'm sure you are up to it! I'll try to get to the tutorial soon, and I'll be sure to keep beginners in mind. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Oh I am so inspired! Please do the tutorial- my daughter is getting married in Oct so I am really working! Oh where did you find the colorful Peaches and Cream- our Walmart and Michaels only carry the pastels. Thank you, Angela

  4. Angela, congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding! I guess you have a few late nights ahead of you. ;o) I hope you'll tell us about some of your projects. I did find this yarn at Walmart, but it does seem to be getting harder and harder to find. It is called "Gumdrops" and is listed as #205 on the Peaches and Cream website at http://www.elmore-pisgah.com/ I'm sure you can order it from there or maybe from another favorite yarn catalog. When I can get free shipping, I like ordering from Herrschner's or Annie's Attic. They have a nice selection of cotton yarn, with lovely variegated colors. You could request those catalogs and dream, dream, dream - check my sidebar for a link.

  5. These prairie points are such fun. Their bright colors and prints make me laugh.

  6. I never heard of praire points before! These are absolutely charming and such a clever use of scraps. I came across this pin on Pinterest and hopped right over to see what was going on. LOVE these towels.


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