Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Current Project - Thanksgiving Kitchen Set

Miss Abigail fell in love with the colors in this yarn, so naturally I wanted to make something from it. Since Thanksgiving is in the air, I decided to make a holiday kitchen set for her hope chest. I have the designs transferred to the dishtowels and will make a set of potholders from the yarn - of course I will make potholders ;o} and a dishcloth or two. We found an appropriate print to sew an apron and I will look for a couple of handtowels to complete the set. I'll post again when I get it all done!


  1. Have fun stitching! The fabric is gorgeous!

  2. The colors of that yarn are the colors I have been obsessed with lately. How fun that Abigail loves them too! Can't wait to see the finished beauties!


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