Friday, November 18, 2011

A Peek Inside - "Home" Quilted Wall Hanging

This quilted wall hanging was made by Miss Pat, another of our special lady friends in the Stanley Homemaker's Club. Pat has been a quilter extrordinaire, but has now almost given it up in a new passion of dollmaking. So, I'm extra glad that Miss Abigail has this in her hope chest. It will be so pretty hanging somewhere in her home someday. It is lovely, isn't it?


  1. That is darling. Little quilted wall-hangings are a great hope chest idea! I may wait until my house colors are decided to make those, though :)

    These Little Hands

  2. Thank you both for your thoughts - this little wall hanging is a treasure.

    Hannah, I surely agree that it is hard to decide about colors ahead of time. Miss Abigail loves blue now, so I'm counting on the fact that she will always like blue, even if she "loves" another color later. Blue is a kind of general color, I think, it seems to match with so many other colors. I also think these kinds of quilts fit well into most decorating schemes, even when the colors don't match particularly. And, it could grace a secondary room, assuming it just doesn't go with her main decorative scheme.

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