Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Favorite Craft Store

A trip back home to Idaho ALWAYS includes a trip to Porter's craft store. I just love going there. I look at all the demonstrations and samples. I wander and spend time dreaming of all the fun craft projects I could make. I love how Porter's feels so old-fashioned to me. Maybe that is because it is located in a very old building and I grew up with this store. It used to be a wonderful bookstore with toys in the basement. As a small child, I stalked the aisles of toys and made my Christmas wish-list. I was the "story lady" here for the children's hour when I was in high school, and I worked as a clerk for a short time before I was married. Sometime after I left home, Porter's discontinued the books completely and changed over to selling crafts. This store is not at all like the big chain craft stores. They carry all the same stuff, but there is still that old-fashioned feel, with creaking wooden floors and little side nooks and spaces. It is just the most wonderful place. I can find things here that I just can't find elsewhere and I love it. I took pictures on this trip, so that you could see my very favorite craft store, and see what I bought this time.

Porter's carries all the usual craft supplies, but they have things organized into sections based on projects, with everything you need to complete the project located nearby. I like being able to think about projects, and not just see random supplies.

Just look at this section devoted to hair bows, of all things! The little girls in Rexburg, Idaho must be the cutest and most bedecked of any on earth. There are also some pretty sophisticated hair accessories for big girls, as well.

Porter's has THE best selection of scrapbook supplies. The possibilities are just endless.  I have to be sooooo careful here.

My favorite part of the store is the fabric and fiber section. Many Mormon women are expert quilters and the selection of quilt patterns and fabric in this one fabulous place is marvelous. Plus, they have all the colors of Cebelia crochet cotton and beautiful hemstitched kits for baby blankets and burp cloths.

I always head for the display of Dunroven House tea towels. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from and cute project samples to view.

This is my pile of goods from this trip. It seems kind of small pile, considering how much I love this store. In the end I restrained myself. ;o) The brown and aqua tea towels are for a particular kitchen set for the hope chest, the red ones are for a Christmas project. I'm experimenting right now with old fashioned chicken scratch and gingham embroidery and these towels are the best. I found two sets of printed pillow cases to embroider and fun transfers for other embroidery projects. I couldn't pass up all the patterns in the apron nook and chose the classic "Church Ladies Apron." The two little Santa bear ornaments are for my sweet grandsons for their first Christmas and I loved that rusty doorknob hanger. The feathered owl is for a really great Christmas project I have imagined. You'll have to wait to see.

I just love places that inspire creativity and I especially love places that seem to speak to my own style. Porter's is that place for me. Visit them online here.


  1. It looks like you showed great self control in there! The store looks great and I would have lots of fun just wandering around in there, also. Chicken scratch is fun and you can find some free patterns online also. Thanks for the sweet comments ~ I'm excited to be a 1st time Grandma! I will keep everyone updated!

  2. Hi Kathleen! I am a follower on your primary blog. (I was released as primary chorister last week, after 7 years) This post is most interesting to me, because I also grew up in Rexburg! Whenever we go home to Idaho for a visit, the trip is not complete without 1 (or more) trips to Porter's. Everything you say is TRUE! My sisters and I especially love to go to Porter's in the summer when they have their sidewalk sale. Oh such bargains...

  3. Brenna told me there was a craft store in Rexburg.... She never took me nor told me where it was. I suspect she thought she would help me not spend money by avoiding it. Thoughtful her, huh? Now I really wish I could have gone. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your purchases. I wonder if I can find a local place to buy the "Church Ladies Apron" pattern. It looks so comfortable. (Or maybe I should look online!) Thanks for sharing, Kathleen.

  4. Donna, you can't even guess at the self-control -hah - but I spent a fair amount on baby things, so I kind of had to be careful!

    Bonnie, hello! Thanks for keeping up with me and I hope you'll visit me here as well. Perhaps we'll run into each other at Porter's sometime. I erally do spend a fair amount of time there when I'm home. BTW, I was a Clements and graduated in 1978.

    Ah, Nancy you really missed something in Porter's. Brenna probably knew how much precious time would be spent in that store and wanted you for herself. ;o) The apron pattern is one of Mary Mulari's and there is a link on the sidebar. You should also check the cute apron patterns made by Linda Stubbs at Prairie Flower Farm. Her link is in my blog list. I'm wanting the "Miss Clarice" apron pattern from her Peace Creek Store.

  5. Kathleen - I was an Ashcraft, and graduated in 1975. So I have a few years on you. Who are your parents? The only Clements I can think of is Ross & Carol, who lived in Hibbard.

  6. Bonnie - Your name seemed familiar, but I knew you were not too near my age. I thought you were probably younger! ;o) I am Ross and Carol's second daughter. You possibly knew my older sibs, and probably my cousins, Carol Sue, Brenda or Connie.

  7. Kathleen - How fun!! I feel like I have found a long lost friend. I have other things I want to say, but not here. I will send you an e-mail. Have a terrific Thanksgiving.


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