Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Peek Inside - Recipe Book

Miss Abigail received this recipe book for her hope chest in September for her birthday. It is the third recipe book that our club published and I think it is my favorite. There are some really good recipes in here. Abigail didn't have a stable copy yet for her hope chest. I have bought these cookbooks by the stack to use as wedding gifts and if I needed one and didn't have any at the house, I have been known to rob Abby's hope chest and then replace it again with the next purchase. Our good friend Peggy took care of this problem by presenting Abigail with a sweetly inscribed copy, especially intended for the hope chest. Thank you Peggy for circumventing my proclivities.

Peggy has contributed several items to the hope chest, and I think there is something from all the ladies Abby grew up with in there now. I love that Abigail will use these items and remember these wonderful women all through her life. They have been exceptional examples of the term homemaker.

This recipe for Pita Bread Pizza helped Abigail win her first 4-H contest. She was just nine years old and competing officially in 4-H for the first time. There is certainly a lot of water under the 4-H bridge. What a fun memory.


  1. This recipe book looks quite interesting. I'd like to have such one for myself as I do really like coking and baking.

    1. If you'll send me an email, I will check on the availability of the cookbooks.

  2. I love that cookbook! Several recipes within have become favorites!!


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