Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Minute: Quick Gift Idea

Well, just because I have such easy access to the Internet now, I wanted to show you how I finished out the ball of Crafter's Secret yarn that I reviewed a few days ago. I crocheted another quick dish scrubby (tutorial here) using the most recent pattern to add to the crocheted dishcloth. You can see that there is just a bit of yarn left. I love a project that uses up all the yarn without having too much leftover! I think I will add this set to my own kitchen drawer. Or, if I take a moment to sew a simple fabric border dishtowel (tutorial here) to expand the set, I will have a lovely gift for a bridal shower. You know it's always nice to have a quick gift on hand.


  1. I love that idea! Would you mind sharing the pattern for the dishcloth?

  2. I actually don't have a pattern for this dishcloth, Debra. It was an experiment. I was mostly interested in trying out the yarn and began to make some fabric using the blossom stitch. I am happy with the way it turned out, but before I can share it, I will have to write it down, try it again, work out the bugs, figure out how I did the edging, type it up, double check it, etc. I will eventually do that, but if you are waiting to make a gift, you might want to use one of the other patterns that I have shared. Just look at the patterns label or the tutorials label on the sidebar. Sorry to make you wait.

  3. Thank-you, Kathleen! The stitch is very pretty, and I love the scalloped edging. Meanwhile, I will make some granny square dishcloths, which I also like.


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