Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review: Crafter's Secret Yarn

I'm trying out a new worsted weight cotton yarn: "Crafter's Secret." This is the proprietary brand of yarn for Hobby Lobby. I know it isn't new to some of you. Hobby Lobby created this label three or four years ago. But each Hobby Lobby store is different in what they choose to carry. It appears to be up to the buyer for that store and they aren't required to carry their own brand of yarn exclusively. I didn't notice that my local Hobby Lobby stores were stocking "Crafter's Secret" yarn until recently. So this brand is new to my workbasket.

I'm liking it, generally, and will buy it again. It feels just a tad thinner that my usual "Sugar and Cream" by Lily or the "Peaches and Creme" that I often pick up at Walmart. It has a definite thinner feel than Lion Brand cotton. Of course it is still worsted weight, meaning that it is 4 ply. But it just seems a tiny bit thinner overall. Because of different fibers and spinning techniques, there can be a difference between one kind of worsted weight yarn and another, even though the ounces and yardage on the label say the same thing. I like the thinner feel in my hook and a slightly thinner fabric, but that is truly a subjective opinion.

I don't like not being able to count on colors being regularly available. It may be a local issue, but it seems that even online I am unable to count on a wide color selection. Right now, online at Hobby Lobby's website, there is no blue to be had. That's unfortunate.

The yarn is made in Turkey. I'm okay with that. The blog has a number of readers who are from Turkey. There is a long-standing fiber handcrafting tradition in that country as well as women who have a similar tradition to the hope chest. While I prefer to buy from companies who support our domestic product and manufacturing, I also admit that I don't understand all the reasons a company would choose not to. I recognize that it is a complicated issue. I can live with a product produced in Turkey. Just FYI, "Sugar and Cream" and "Peaches and Creme" are manufactured in Canada, which is a little closer to home, and Lion Brand "Kitchen Cotton" is made in the USA.

The color shown is #116, a variegated yarn called "Classic Print." The ball is 2 oz. (27gms) and measures 95 yards (86 meters). It is 100% cotton. Made in Turkey. The regular price is $2.29. And, just so you know, there is no complimentary pattern on the back of the label. What a shame.

Do any of you have a particular preference for kitchen cotton yarn?


  1. Hello,

    Recently I read several comments of friends and they had a terrible experience. They said the colors ran and ruined their creation. They had all used Hobby Lobby's brand.
    I like Hobby Lobby, I have not used their yarn, but thought I would share what I had read.

    1. How unfortunate for your friends! Nonfast dye is always a risk until you learn to trust a brand. I'll have to experiment. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Your item looks so pretty!
    Are you willing to share the pattern? xo

    1. The short answer is yes, probably - although if you've been a reader very long, you know that it may take me some time to get the pattern written down, bugs worked out, typed up and double checked. I love designing and fooling around with crochet. But I don't much like the detail of writing it all down. Hopefully, I will get to it sooner rather than later.

  3. I love crafters secret yarn, it makes my product looks so good and fresh. I was looking for some more patterns to use. This is the best yarn that I have used. I love the rich look it gives a product.


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