Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home Ec Resources - "Future Christian Homemakers" Curriculum

Another core element in our Home Ec course is a cooking curriculum published by Future Christian Homemakers. This manual is really a great resource. The lessons are clearly outlined and easily followed. They are designed to be used with a number of girls in a homemaking group or club and I surely wish I had such a group for Miss Abigail! But, her friends are scattered and busy, busy with all sorts of other things. So we will just follow the lessons on our own. There is information about cleaning the house and recommendations for sewing resources, but the cooking lessons are the outstanding focus of this curriculum.

There are twelve cooking lessons beginning with eggs. Instruction in the egg lesson includes how to crack an egg, how to beat eggs, and how to measure liquids. There are recipes for two basic egg dishes and information on how to write a breakfast menu and working safely in the kitchen. Of course, Miss Abigail already knows some of this, but I like how the lessons are presented and just accept that some of it will be review. Additional topics are: introduction to baking with muffins, quick breads, yeast breads, cakes & decorating, ground beef meals, chicken meals, microwave meals, casseroles, fruit, vegetables, and cookies. Each lesson includes specific skills like measuring, using tools,  nutrition, handling the food and food safety. There are also suggestions and recipes for extending each lesson. I like the list of ingredients and supplies for each lesson, even down to whatever might be needed to serve the food after cooking it.

I’ve put these cooking lessons into my outline without adjusting them at all. You can find information and a sample lesson here. This guide is going to make cooking with Miss Abigail so much fun.

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  1. That sounds great! Have lots of fun in the kitchen with your daughter ~ the time passes by so fast!


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