Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Homemaking File Box

My mom and I are doing a Home Ec class this year. We’ve had several lessons and Mom has lots of fun projects planned to go with the lessons. One project was to make a homemaking file box. I can use this box to gather information about homemaking. As I grow up, I’ll learn about things that a homemaker does. With this box I’ll have a place to collect information about those things.

Like any other file, mom and I brainstormed subjects that might be included as general folders. The subjects describe things I’ll need to do when I have a family and a home. I wrote these subjects on the tabs for the folders. This is the list of subjects we came up with: food, cleaning, decorating, crafts, handwork, sewing, financial, family, children, hospitality, encouragement and health. I also have extra folders.

I had fun designing decorations for the folders. My mom taught me to make a design skeleton. This is a sketched plan for how you want a design to look. I decided I would make four basic designs.

I used scrapbooking supplies like stickers, borders, and punch-out elements to create the folders. You can find these supplies in all kinds of places like scrapbooking stores, hobby stores, even the dollar store. 

One design was a border across the top with something like a butterfly or a flower on it. I made four of these with different colors and details.

A second design was a group of elements in the middle of the folder. I also made a group of folders with three elements across the top. The fourth was like the first, except that it had a vertical border crossing the horizontal one, with an element in the corner where the two borders met.

I had fun doing the project and I’m glad that I have a pretty place to keep useful information. At one of my youth meetings I got a handout about food storage. It sat on the kitchen counter because I didn’t know what to do with it. Once I made the file box, I was able to file this handout in the food folder. So the file box is working already.

Respectfully submitted by Miss Abigail.

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  1. Very nice idea! I will have to do this with my daughter. Thanks for sharing Miss Abigail. (By the way, that's my daughter's middle name. :o))

  2. Great idea and such beautiful work, Abigail!

  3. What a lovely idea for your project!
    I recently came across my *huge* notebook I put together thirty six years ago, before my marriage. Even though much of the information is available online now or in some well-loved homemaking books, the process I experienced as I put my notebook together is one that is priceless. I haven't the heart to chuck it out or think of it as irrelevant.
    I'm sure you will love having all those things together as you begin your life as an adult.

  4. That is a great idea! And the creative folders are beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!


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